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Guyanabai Praduckshonz (Guyanabai Productions)

Guyanabai Praduckshonz (Productions) began as an interest in taking pictures. It soon escalated into making videos. With a of passion for taking pictures and video combined with love for his home country, Guyana, Sandip Homnaut, started Guyanabai Praduckshonz. After achieving a Bachelors in Communications Technology (Concentration in Documentaries), his travels to various parts of Guyana, he saw a need for locally made productions. He set a personal goal to one day have his own television station in Guyana. The television station would create employment and opportunities for the locals while producing original content.


Guyanabai Praduckshonz is currently producing a short film series entitled "Guyanese Open Yuh Eye", "Fiya Side Kitchen", and "Young Entrepreneurs". Each unique it is own way. Guyanese Open Yuh Eye is a comedy/drama to help raise awareness to aid suicide prevention in Guyana. Fiya Side Kitchen was created as a way to give various host an opportunity to show the traditional way of cooking on a Fiya Side (Fire Side). Young Enterpreneurs show cases the locals whom start and maintain their own business. There are many more shows in the pre-production stage. 

Guyana Bai Praduckshonz also offers Photography and Videography services. For a quote, feel free to contact Guyanabai Praduckshonz on our Contact page. 

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