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Guyanese Open Yuh Eye

Sharda is a young school girl dealing with a mother who is playing younger then her and a father who is always drunk. See what happens when her mother's secret is exposed!

Matters of the Heart (Guyanese Open Yuh Eye)

Love is a dangerous thing. Somwattie finds herself in a dangerous situation as a new attraction walks into her life. When jealousy arises, there is no telling what will happen next.  

Pickney (Guyanese Open Yuh Eye)

They say patience is a virtue, for Devika and her husband it their wishes are granted but not before they are about to loose everything. 

 Respect The Name (Guyanese Open Yuh Eye)

What is in a Name? It is just more the letters put together as an identification! We all are individuals with unique personalities based upon cultural influences. Lets show little appreciation by respecting it.

UnSeen World (Guyanese Open Yuh Eye)

Friends can appear to be loyal, when they are really deceiving behind your back. See how relationships fall apart when secrets are kept. 
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